Applied Research

In collaboration with our academic partners, SPC conducts applied research work to understand industry trends and identify key solutions to address common productivity challenges in the Singapore services sector. Through the pursuit of industry best practices, the scope of research work undertaken by SPC includes:

  • Analysis of trends and development of practical solutions
  • Identification and development of new business systems, processes, and application of technology
  • Building the capability of enterprises through the dissemination of applicable tools and methodologies and best practices

Examples of completed projects:


  • Effectiveness of service delivery to create a seamless customer experience in hotels


  • Effectiveness of self-service technology (e.g. self check-outs for supermarkets) in raising productivity
  • Use of RFID in retailing
  • Use of social media to raise productivity


  • Challenges and motivational issues faced by ageing workers
  • Advantages and challenges of utilising part-time workers


  • Use of shared services (Central Kitchen, Central Dishwashing, Part-time Pool Programme, E-procurement Portal) in Food Services
  • Influence of atmospheric and store design on consumer buying behaviour

 Business Models

  • Secrets of success of long-standing F&B businesses
  • Franchising as a Strategy for Productivity Improvement
  • Entrepreneurship in F&B sector

Findings from our applied research work are found under Insights and Trends


For enquiries or the full research paper, please contact us at 6745 5833 or

If you would like to use or cite any information from the articles, please seek prior approval from SPC which owns the copyrights to the information.

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