Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC), in partnership with DP Information Group (DP Info), is undertaking a sector-wide productivity benchmarking exercise for the third year. More than 1000 companies participated in the previous years, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The objectives of this exercise are to help companies in the Retail and Food Services sectors to:

(a) Assess your productivity performance against your peers within the same sector; and

(b) Identify areas for improvement and take actions to further boost productivity.

The 2016 Productivity Benchmarking for Retail and Food Services will be even bigger and better, as we have included more areas that are important for companies to benchmark.

Who is this targeting at?

Companies in the Retail sector in Singapore, including but not limited to those in the following sub-sectors:

–        Fashion, sporting equipment, jewellery and timepieces

–        Department store, supermarket and convenience stores

–        Furniture and Household

–        Consumer electronics

–        Appliances, articles and equipment

Companies in the Food Services sector in Singapore, including but not limited to those in the following sub-sectors:

–        Full service restaurants

–        Quick service F&B establishments

–        Kiosks

–        Canteens, food courts

–        Catering services

What will you receive?

Participating companies will receive:

  1. An overall summary of the benchmarking findings;
  2. Preferential rates to attend any seminar or workshop related to the benchmarking exercise; and
  3. Consultancy assistance from SPC for a diagnosis of your performance in relation to your peers, and a productivity improvement project* to address the areas that you are weak in.

(*Cost of project is not covered under the benchmarking exercise but could be subsidised with separate government funding)

Participation is fully subsidised by SPRING Singapore.

How do you participate?

The surveys are available at the following links:

Food Services –

Retail –

For enquiries, please contact us at or Ms Lian Huiting of DP Information Group at DID: 6507 2311.

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