Helping you identify and implement unique productivity solutions for your company

To help enterprises grow and meet the demands of today’s highly competitive business environment, the Singapore Productivity Centre is committed to provide high quality consultancy services in key productivity levers across the entire value chain.

Our resources include a select group of associate consultants who have more than 5 years of consulting and professional experience in various domain areas.

  • Development of productivity roadmap and strategies
  • Development of productivity culture and mindset
  • Productivity diagnosis, management and measurement
  • Benchmarking
  • Business planning
  • Customer insights and mystery audit
  • Customer engagement (e.g. e-commerce, digital marketing, customer loyalty programmes)
  • Service innovation
  • Manpower planning and deployment
  • Job redesign and flexi-work programmes
  • Customised in-house training programmes
  • Lean management and process re-design
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Cost of Quality
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Menu engineering
  • Shopfloor and kitchen layout
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Waste reduction and management
  • Self-service technology
  • Technology Solutions and Adoption (in partnership with the Retail Innovation Centre for Enterprises (RICE))
  • Business analytics
  • Revenue management
  • Cost management

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