We believe that every problem presents us with an opportunity to find a solution.

At Singapore Productivity Centre, we offer you the best solution by bringing you our expert team of Consultants who are not only dedicated in helping our local companies, but passionate about creating real change and lasting impact in the industry.

Ignatius Lee
Ignatius LeeSenior Consultant
Ignatius has more than 15 years of hotel management and education experience within both local and international F&B arena. His expertise covers areas such as customer relations management, workflow improvement and automation improvement projects with the aim to increase the productivity and competitiveness of companies.
Magdelene Teo
Magdelene TeoSenior Consultant
Magdelene has been an educator and trainer for the past 17 years in both public and private sector. She has a diploma in Education and is a WSQ ACTA certified trainer. She does consultation job in the area of workplace health promotion and has been in management consultancy since 2008 other than contributing to the education segment. Magdelene graduated with a Degree in English Language with Business and has functioned as part of the management team to deliver projects to corporate clients of various industries, meeting the business needs of these clients. In order to value-add to her HR consultancy and training component, she is also a certified Style Coach with a diploma (Honours) in Style Coaching (UK).
Bernard Ng
Bernard NgSenior Consultant
Bernard has more than 25 years of industry experience in areas such as information systems, knowledge management, productivity improvement, and implementation of IT systems ranging from ERP to training management systems. As a trained Singapore Quality Class (SQC) and Singapore Service Excellence Medallion Award (SSEMA) assessor, he has conducted several SQC assessments of companies and organizations in different industry sectors including hotel, logistics, shipyard, manufacturing and government agencies.

Bernard is also an experienced productivity consultant, certified jointly by Japan Productivity Center and Singapore Productivity Centre, specializing in the Retail, Food Services and Hotel sectors.

Shalini Sunder
Shalini SunderConsultant
12 years of operational industry experience garnered whilst holding various roles within Front Office, Housekeeping, Spa and Grand Club Lounge operations for international brand name chain hotels. An enthusiast for anything and everything Hospitality with an infatuation for hotels and F&B.

In 2009, a graduate of International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) Adelaide Australia with a Degree in Hospitality & Administrative Management and in 2008 from Le Cordon Bleu – Diploma de Culinaire De Cuisine, Culinary Arts & Professional Kitchen Training.

Spending the early stage of career travelling through Australia and South East Asia working within Rooms Division departments of hotels for the Accor and Hyatt chains from 2006 to 2014 in countries such as Thailand Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Embarked onto consultancy with a Singaporean Hospitality consultancy firm in 2014.

Now with Singapore Productivity Centre as a Consultant focusing on the services industries of Food & Beverage, Hotel and Retail sectors in Singapore.

Jonathan NG
Jonathan NG Consultant (Hotel Productivity Centre)
Before joining SPC, Jonathan spent 9 years in various hotels in Singapore. From looking at department level initiatives, he now applies his experience across all functions. With a focus on better guest engagement, he applies productivity concepts in hotels where labour productivity is of particular importance, helping hotels to achieve a better balance between operational constraints and guest preferences.