1 October 2019
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4 June 2019
Change agents to be trained to help heartland business go digital, Singapore News & Top Stories...
13 May 2019

Dialogue session on 938NOW, The Breakfast Club

Dialogue session on 938NOW, The Breakfast Club...
29 November 2018

Bridging the Gap in Digital and Data Analytics for Retailers

It’s no surprise many businesses lack clarity and perspective on what “digital” means for strategy. If they can’t grasp this, how can they dive deeper into execution
29 November 2018

Why Improve Labour Productivity in Your Company?

In a country such as Singapore which has no natural resources and therefore depends much on its people, the assertion that is often made is, ‘It is important for us
17 November 2018

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31 October 2018

Get your Eggs Cooked by AUSCA the worlds First Robot Chef

Millennium Hotels And Resorts Deploys Robotic Solutions To Its Singapore Properties...
24 April 2018

FHA 2018: Restaurant 3.0

Digital initiatives launched to help Singapore F&B companies access global...
22 August 2017

For retailers, technology is the enabler

PM Lee - Retail stores will not disappear...