Digital Marketing Programme For Retailers

Increase your online visibility and translate to online sales
Digital Marketing Programme For Retailers


The programme will help retailers build up digital marketing capabilities to increase online visibility and translate to online sales.

The programme will cover:

    • Tools & techniques of social media campaigns creation, SEO, SEM to help drive traffic to your online channels
    • Knowledge transfer on traffic analytic tools
    • Execution and skills transfer on running digital marketing campaign
    • Ways to measure the ROI of digital marketing campaigns

NETT SGD 1,000

This programme fee is after 90% supported by Enterprise Singapore. Programme fee before subsidy is $10,000.

Programme Fee

NETT SGD 1,000

    • Retailers only pay NETT fee
    • Includes $1,000 value of digital marketing campaign fund
    • Eligible retailers may also apply for up to 3 months of manpower support for up to 3 SC/PR employees assigned to the programme, subject to ESG approval
  • SME Retailers Eligibility:

    • Retailers refers to enterprise engaged in B2C business and the selling of products

Due to overwhelming responses, please note that we have closed the registration of the programme. Please click on the link below to join our waiting list, thank you!

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