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Jointly developed with Japan Productivity Centre, the Certified Productivity Specialists Programme (previously known as Certified Productivity Consultant Programme) by SGPC is the only enterprise in Singapore overseeing and conducting this programme. Join the ranks of over 120 Certified Productivity Specialists (CPS) since the inception of the CPS in 2012 to become a certified full-fledged specialist or simply equip yourself with a sustainable skill set and act as your business catalyst to drive change and bring about value creation in the workplace from management to the ground floor.

The CPS programme is supported by Entreprise Singapore and comprises of a Core segment with Specialisation in Retail or Food Services track.


Core Segment

Over 10 hours of intensive engagement covering 6 modules to equip you with the fundamental knowledge on productivity concepts, tools and techniques, consulting framework, ethics and government grants.

Specialisation - Food Services and Retail

Participants may choose to enrol in the Retail or Food Services track, or both. Each track consists of over 28 hours of engagement covering 15 modules to provide participants with an understanding on the various productivity improvement tools, techniques and strategies devised to improve productivity. This includes updated case studies, in-depth learning on key topics and current trends, and a hands-on consultancy project with a SME, guided by experienced supervisors.


At the end of the course, you will acquire applicable and practical competencies through the focused curriculum and experience practical learning through the consultancy engagement.

Participants will be awarded a Certification of Achievement and carry the credentials of “Certified Productivity Consultant” upon completion of both Core and Specialisation segments

Upcoming Intake

The CPS programme 2019 Intake will commence in March.

Bridging Course to RMC

Participants who have completed the Core & Specialisation segments may opt to sign up for a 1-day RMC Management Consultancy Bridging Course conducted and administered by the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore).

RMC is a certification programme recognised by Enterprise Singapore for management consultants aligned to TR 43:2015 Management Consultants Standard. RMC Certification is a mark of quality and professionalism developed by Certified Management Consultants for Management Consultants.

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