Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Food Professionals and Associates


The Food Services industry has evolved.

Food Services operators are adopting quick-service formats, online delivery services, cloud kitchens, and hybrid model with a combination of physical stores and cloud kitchens. As Food Services companies continue to innovate in their business models and automate their processes further in their transformation journey, career opportunities at various job levels have been significantly enhanced.

What is CCP & how does it help your business?

Finding the right people with the right skills is hard, but training them and retaining them is even harder. Turnover in the F&B industry is high, and that’s costing companies a lot of money and lost opportunities!

Workforce Singapore (WSG)’s Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Food Professionals and Associates is part of the holistic support provided to food services companies to train and upskill existing workers, as well as attract new entrants and facilitate mid-career switchers into the sector. 

Food service companies are encouraged to review, optimise and value-add to their PMET and non-PMET jobs such as Restaurant Managers, Supervisors, Cooks/Chefs, Service Crew and Kitchen Assistants in order to create higher quality jobs to sustain business growth and retain current local employees. 

This programme is applicable to new and current employees in PMET and non-PMET roles!

New Hires

Mid career individuals | Growth Job Roles

Companies will be able to better attract and hire a bigger pool of mid-career individuals from adjacent industries to take on growth job roles through structured On-the-job training plans with clear career progression pathways.

Existing Employees

Redeployment | Job Redesign | Job Reskilling

Existing employees who are taking on new growth job roles identified under the Industry Transformation Maps / Jobs Transformation Maps within the same company.

CCP supports your business transformation plans

In the competitive food and beverage industry, it is crucial that food business owners & managers know the inside-out of their business. Understanding all aspects of business can help the team
  • Build new recruitment potentials

    Build a strong employee branding to communicate job attractiveness of new job roles & reposition to widen talent pools

  • Establish a resilient business model & process

    Career progression, skills development opportunities and other HR best practices help the company stay agile in the face of disruption and build a future-ready workforce.

  • Create a culture that supports digitalisation

    Re-align job roles and provide structured training to support operational demands

  • Deliver better service through technology

    Leverage on technology solutions, better tools and equipment to improve productivity and guest experience through redesigned jobs

How does it work?

Total programme duration: non-PMET 3 months; PMET 3-6 months

Optional Facilitated Classroom Training

Structured On-The-Job Training

Job/Future Ready Food Service Employees

Examples of roles for Food Services

Job titles may vary depending on company

Emerging Roles

Front-of-House / Back-of-house

Examples of roles for Food Manufacturing

Job titles may vary depending on company

Emerging Roles

Food Production

Supporting Roles

Funding Support

Full time / Part timeFull time
Duration of ProgrammeNew Hires (Mid Career Switchers)
- PMETs 6 months of structured on the job training (OJT)
- non PMETs 3 months of structured on the job training (OJT)

Existing Employees
- PMETs 3 months of structured on the job training (OJT)
- non PMETs 3 months of structured on the job training (OJT)

Existing Employees | New Hires

Fixed Monthly SalaryTraining PeriodSalary Support
Non-PMETAt least $2,100^Job Redesign Reskilling or New Hire:
3 months
Standard Rate:
Up to 70% of monthly salary for CCP training duration
(capped at $5,000/month)

Enhanced Rate:*
Up to 90% of monthly salary for CCP training duration
(capped at $7,500/month)
PMETAt least $3,200^Job Redesign Reskilling:
3 months

New Hire: 6 months

^ Subjected to changes
* For long-term unemployed or mature workers only

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Companies’ structured OJT plan must provide new hires without prior experience or capabilities with the knowledge and expertise required for them to take on new job role
  • Committed to work with WSG or its appointed partner on the necessary administrative matters related to the programme
  • Impacted job roles should be paying a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,200 (PMET) and $2,100 (non-PMET)
  • Only applicable for permanent positions / contract roles with at least 12 months


  • Offer a growth job role that fosters growth


  • Provide a sound job redesign / training plan, allowing employees to take on new growth job roles identified under the Industry Transformation Maps / Jobs Transformation Maps
  • Singapore Citizens / Permanent Resident
  • Minimum 21 years old
  • Must not be a shareholder of the company, or its related companies
  • Must not be related to the owners of the company
  • Must not be undergoing any programmes funded by WSG concurrently
  • Graduated / completed NS for at least 2 years prior at the point of application
  • Not be an immediate ex-staff of the participating company or its related entities
  • Was from a different occupation in the same sector / Same occupation from a different sector
  • Be offered / in full-time position related to the job role / at least a 12 months employment contract
  • Applications must be approved within first three months of employment
  • Training must commence within 1 month from application approval
  • Employed by the company for more than 1 year at the point of application
  • Have not been enrolled under CCP for Food Services Assistants and CCP for Food Services Industry

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