Productivity Insights

Productivity Insights

We spent an adequate amount of time, resources, and data collection and analysis to provide you with performance-based results of successful case studies, so you can recognise and identify workable strategies and business improvement initiatives in the food, retail, and hotel sectors and apply them into your own business for profitable, scalable and sustainable long-term growth. Learn from successful case studies of companies who undergo organisational transformation in their business productivity performance and gain collective insights from overseas study missions.

Bridging the Gap in Digital and Data Analytics for Retailers

It’s no surprise many businesses lack clarity and perspective on what “digital” means for strategy. If they can’t grasp this, how can they dive deeper into execution

Why Improve Labour Productivity in Your Company?

In a country such as Singapore which has no natural resources and therefore depends much on its people, the assertion that is often made is, ‘It is important for us

What You Need to Know About Franchising

Over the years, franchising has been used worldwide as a business strategy to improve revenue and productivity performance along with other business expansion models