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“Everyone wants a piece of the cake, but not everyone is willing to spend time in the kitchen.” The F&B industry plays a vital role in our economy and will only continue to thrive. But when we scale it down to your business – can it thrive?

Running a food business is more challenging than what others might think. What’s the point of having the best food when no one knows about it? As a business owner, you’ve probably met people from all walks of life who think they “know-it-all”, offering you biased and clueless advices and perceptions. If you as an owner of your own business is having a dilemma, what makes you think the words of others are to heed when they may lack the proper knowledge and expertise?

What we do

We highlight key problems and provide in-depth strategic reviews, including leading your business with practical recommendations and full guidance in operational process redesign, restaurant model transformation, food menu conceptualisation, plating presentation, innovative dining concepts, automation such self-service E-Ordering, digital marketing expertise, and the opportunity in venturing overseas – all against the feasibility and market industry.

We are not here to sugar-coat your business. From the big picture overview to the operational execution, SGPC highly-trained team of consultants provide an objective perspective packed with actionable insights and capabilities to bring your business to the next level.

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Mr Steven Foo

“SGPC was very involved in the consultancy project and was always around to ensure that The Nook was right on track. We are very appreciative as plenty of guidance and support were provided throughout the project.

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