Accelerating Retail Sales Growth Workshop


Enhance sales performance. Drive business growth. 

In today’s competitive market, staying ahead requires more than just traditional tactics. Delve into innovative approaches, from leveraging data analytics to optimising customer experiences, ensuring you have the tools to drive significant sales growth. Join fellow retailers in this immersive workshop experience and transform your business with proven techniques and expert guidance. 

The One-Day Workshop will cover the following

  • Customer Feedback Insights

    Recognise and appreciate the significance of customer feedback in shaping business strategies. This includes analysing behavioural trends, identifying key traffic generators, and understanding their direct influence on achieving sales targets.

  • Sales Plan Analysis

    Examine and evaluate the fundamental components and defining attributes that constitute a successful sales strategy. Delve into the critical elements and distinctive features that contribute to the development of an efficient and impactful sales plan.

  • Internal Strategies

    To enhance sales performance, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate internal factors such as sales processes, team dynamics, and customer engagement strategies. By implementing tailored approaches, businesses can effectively boost sales to both new customers and existing clients, fostering sustainable growth and long-term success.

  • Business Landscape Examination

    To effectively navigate the business landscape and ensure competitiveness, it is crucial to conduct a thorough examination of competitor activities and economic trends. By scrutinising these aspects, businesses can pinpoint potential areas for improvement and adjust sales targets accordingly to stay ahead in the market.

This workshop is for you if you are

Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Attendance: A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory.
  • Assessment: You will be required to be certified competent in all assessment components.​
  • Assessment Details:
    • Method: Written Assessment
    • Time Given: 60 minutes

Our Trainer: Ms Pearly Sim

Ms Pearly Sim is a renowned Professionals Skills Trainer and Educator, well-versed in project management, leadership, and organisational psychology. Presently dedicated to refining professional skills at the British Council Singapore, she consistently excels in delivering impactful training programmes. 


Her educational background includes an Executive MSc from the esteemed City University of New York, underlining her commitment to continuous learning and development. With an illustrious career path that includes serving as Deputy Director of Training and Development, Pearly has honed her expertise through hands-on experience and a passion for empowering others in their professional journeys.

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