Efficient Operations in Central Kitchen Management


Unlock the full potential of your kitchen.

Are you ready to revolutionise the way your kitchen operates? Join SGPC for an exclusive workshop that will help you set a new standard for excellence in your central kitchen management. Unlock the secrets of running a central production kitchen flawlessly with our dynamic training programme!

The One-Day Workshop will cover the following

  • Operational Principles

    Understand the key principles underpinning the effective operation of a central production kitchen, including workflow optimisation, resource management, food safety standards, customer service excellence, and productivity enhancement.

  • Efficiency Strategies

    Learn strategies and apply best practices for streamlining operations, optimising resources, and ensuring food safety within a central production kitchen setting, fostering efficiency and minimising waste.

  • Customer Service

    Develop skills and knowledge necessary to cultivate excellence in customer service within a central production kitchen environment, including effective communication, responsiveness to customer needs, and maintaining high standards of quality and presentation.

  • Work Productivity

    Acquire strategies and techniques for enhancing work productivity among the kitchen brigade, including time management, task prioritisation, and workflow optimisation.

  • Food Safety

    Understand concepts and principles of Pre-Requisite Programs and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.

  • Safety Compliance

    Develop a Food Safety Manual according to HACCP principles and carry out internal audits to ensure food safety programmes are compliant with SFA regulations and non-conformances are rectified.

  • Resource Management

    Attain knowledge and techniques for effective resource management, including inventory management, equipment utilisation, and cost control while maintaining quality standards.

  • Leadership Skills

    Develop leadership and team management skills necessary for effectively leading and motivating kitchen staff, fostering a positive work environment, promoting collaboration, and maximizing team performance and productivity.

This workshop is for you if you are

Minimum Entry Requirements

Attendance & Assessment

  • Attendance: A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory.
  • Assessment: You will be required to be certified competent in all assessment components.​
  • Assessment Details:
    • Method: Written Assessment
    • Time Given: 60 minutes

Cheryl is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of central kitchen management. Her insights were invaluable. 

Participant from previous session

The sharing sessions were excellent with a high level of class engagement. The interactive approach kept the learning process enjoyable. 

Participant from previous session

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