Building Growth Opportunities for Enterprises

Sharing & Networking Event in support of Skillsfuture Festival 2022
26 July 2022 | 1400-1700hr

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability in your business strategies.

Other than digitalisaation, all business should be concerned about ESG in all business planning. The opportunities afforded by the Digital and Green economies compel businesses to reinvent work processes and roles in order to gain long-term rewards. 

Join us at our seminar + networking
on 26 July 2022!

  • 1Showcase & Signpost

    of Skillsfuture Singapore Government Grant Schemes

  • 2Next Growth Opportunities for Enterprises - Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives

    Sharing by Michael Tan, 

    CEO, Singapore Productivity Centre

  • 3Productivity Benchmarking Study for Food Services and Retail Sector

    Shareback by Saurabh Sardana, 

    Chief Operating Officer,  Blackbox Research

  • 4Service Design Learning Journey

    Service Industry Transformation Programme Sharing by

    Cheryl Leong

    Project Team Lead, Katrina Holdings Pte Ltd

  • 5Chief Technology Office (CTO) As-a-Service

    Sharing by Eileen Tan, 

    Executive Director, Stone Forest IT

  • 6Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability - What does it mean for businesses?

    Panel Discussion 

  • 7Skillsfuure Skills & Training Advisory for Enterprises

    by Skillsfuture Singapore

  • 8Networking and Showcasing of Skills & Training Advisory Enterprise Services

    Light refreshments will be provided

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