One-Day Masterclass on Branding for SMEs



Expand your toolbox and deepen your skills to help SMEs in their journey to build brands that last!

The world has changed, therefore companies and brands also need to evolve to ensure that they can stay relevant and ahead of competition. SGPC has partnered Cowan to curate a one-day masterclass for practitioners, trainers, consultants and facilitators. Learn from experts from international design agency and network with peers on the latest developments in corporate brand strategy for enterprises!

Programme Partner: Cowan

Cowan is an international design agency that combines strategy, innovation, design and experience to help brands reimagine their future. Established in 1987, Cowan has seven offices globally: Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Vietnam, Melbourne, Sydney and London.

Supported by Asian Productivity Organization (APO)

APO is a regional organization devoted to promoting greater productivity among countries in Asia and the Pacific. SGPC is National Productivity Organization (NPO) representing Singapore.

Rate after subsidy from APO: $280 (before GST)

The One-Day Masterclass will cover the following

  • Branding Basics

    A quick introduction covering the importance of branding.

  • Segmentation and Targeting

    A look at segmentation and how to target relevant audiences

  • Positioning

    Every brand requires a solid foundation. What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do?

  • Storytelling

    Successful brands leverage unique stories to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • Hard Working Assets

    What are your brand assets? Learn the tools to assess your visual and verbal world, learning what to focus on and develop.

  • Brand Experience

    Building upon storytelling and HWAs assessment, learn how they come together to form a brand experience.

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