Certified Digital and Productivity
Consultant (CDPC) Programme

Certified Digital and Productivity Consultant (CDPC) Programme

On 4 June 2019, SGPC, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) and Heartland Enterprises Centre Singapore (HECS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), launching the Certified Digital Productivity Consultant (CDPC) programme.

The CDPC programme aims to upskill current SIRS digital consultants and SGPC consultants in digital and consultancy capabilities. Through this programme, consultants will be put through a four-month long training that comprises classroom lessons, capability-building projects, and on-the-job training in selected retail companies.

Upon completion of the programme, CDPCs will work closely with merchant associations and heartland enterprises in increasing their online presence, selling effectively on local and overseas e-commerce marketplaces, and utilising big data to optimise their online and offline retail operations.

The CDPC programme will equip the consultant with literacy and skills in:

1. Retail productivity for digital transformation
2. Financial statements related to the productivity diagnosis and improvement in online and/or offline retail operations
3. The latest cyber-security and digital marketing knowledge to manage visual marketing and retail store performance
4. Managing holistic digital commerce via real time big data analytics
5. Manage cross-border e-commerce with access to e-marketplace platforms

Certified Digital Productivity Consultant will also join the pool of more than 120 consultants certified by SGPC.

CDPC participants will have to complete the following 3 programmes to receive the joint certificate:

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