Service Industry Transformation
Programme (SITP)

Service Industry Transformation Programme (SITP) aims to help organisations build transformation capabilities to curb manpower challenges and improve productivity. With professional guidance, companies can leverage on service design methodology to optimise processes and curate innovative experience to stand out among the competitors.


While there is a growing awareness that we are likely nearer to the end of the pandemic than the beginning, the implication brought by the pandemic has deeply changed how consumer and business interact. Today we see aggravated trends of digitalization, automation and sustainability that is expected to shape the new normal, businesses must stay agile and build up capabilities to continuously innovate and redesign product / service.

SITP will equip your organisation’s team with applicable skills to uplift your organisation capabilities to be future-ready.

Job Redesign
Process Optimization
Customer Persona

Learn About

Service Blueprint
Service Innovation
Customer Journey Mapping

Join the programme to learn and leverage on service design methodology to help your business overcome challenges, improve productivity and be future-ready!

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    Hear from some of the companies that have embarked on their business transformation
    journey and reports on the SITP launch

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