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WSG’s Career Conversion Programme (CCP) Food Services Assistants aims to help companies in the food services industry train and upskill workers to take on redesigned and enhanced job roles as companies undergo business transformation. Through the programme, Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) will work with participating companies to customise their training plans, which can comprise a mix of classroom and on-the-job training (OJT) or 100% OJT, depending on the company’s needs.


The CCP for Food Services Assistants is part of the holistic support provided to food services companies undergoing business transformation and job redesign. The programme encourages and enables employers to review, optimise and value-add to their Rank-and-File (RnF) jobs such as
Service Crew, Cashier and Kitchen Assistant in order to create higher quality jobs to sustain business growth and retain existing local employees.

About Job Redesign Guide for Food Services

Appointed by Workforce Singapore (WSG), Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) has developed the Job Redesign (JR) Framework for the Food Services to assist food services companies to implement job redesign through four simple steps.

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Programme Objectives

Encourage digitalisation and technology adoption in the sector.

Help relieve increasing manpower crunch by redesigning Rank-and-File (RnF) positions to sustain business growth and retain local employees.

Equip RnF workers with future-ready skills to increase employability and help them stay relevant.

Programme Parameters


Business Transformation

– Company should have a clear business transformation plan

– Adopts productivity solutions / technologies which impact RnF workers


Job Redesign

Using at least 1 of the 3 following methods:

– Job Rotation

– Job Enlargement

– Job Enrichment


Training Plan

Company to commit to 3 months of training

Find out how you can kickstart your job redesign journey

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Sign up for the JR workshop developed to transfer knowledge to enterprises on how to effectively implement and incorporate job redesign in their business transformation process.

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Companies that would like to implement CCP in-house can download the Job Redesign Reskilling Guide for Food Services Sector and download the Application form below to start your transformation journey.

Access to the Application Form for Career Conversion Programme for Food Services Assistants

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